Professional Bodyguard, Certified Protection Operator® and Executive Protection Expert Lenny Bogdanos, dispels many myths and misconceptions about being a bodyguard and executive protection in his new book, The Bodyguard Myth™.

It is based on real-world experience, and the author highlights key aspects to executive protection, with an emphasis on the business aspects of the industry. The EP industry is constantly changing, yet many myths still exist about what it takes to be a successful bodyguard. This book separates fact from fiction and myth from reality in the EP industry.

A professional, Certified Protection Operator® understands that mind over matter, with mental aptitude, awareness, and training, are more important than just sheer size. This book highlights who needs protection, why, the various types of threats, and how to respond to them.

This book is a practical tool EP professionals can use to help gain a better understanding of working in the EP industry, how to gain clients, how to market yourself, and how to succeed in the EP business.

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The Bodyguard Myth